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1.Originate from natural wood pulp, No harmful materials.
2.High water absorption, Anti bacterial after dry.
3.Powerful cleaning, Easy decontamination.
4.Natural degradation, Eco-friendly.
Cellulose sponges with visible clean and tangible health. We are the leader of the industry, Bring senior management team and professional technical talents together. Master the core production technology of cellulose blocks through reverse R&D and digestion, Based on the product technological characteristics to build processing line. We are the first one in world to use the concept of intelligent manufacturing and bring in MES production management system to monitor the whole processing.

As the world 6th cellulose sponge blocks producer, there has a processing line get into production now. The capacity is 50000 blocks per year. The second processing line will set up in the end of 2020. The capacity will add 100000 blocks per year. At that time, the yearly output will reach 150000 blocks.

We are imaginative, developing multiple use of cellulose sponge. We look to the future, forging international competitiveness. Based on 16 years management and sales experience of hengfeng. Hengfu will worship to the concept of science and technology innovation to improve people’s living quality, Development level of environmental protection industry. Taking itself to human safety to build a international brand.

Products are mainly exported to USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK,
France, German, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland and so on. Bearing the mission, keeping abreast of the times, using the strength of technology, Hengfu is on its way to self-achievement


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