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Publicity of Environmental Protection Measures for Construction Projects

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Projects of New Material Production of Environmental Protection Cellulose Sponge (Phase I 50,000 (20,000 cubic meters)/Annual Production Line of Cellulose Sponge Block) Publicity of Environmental Protection Measures for Construction Projects

I. Dust-raising:

(1) During the construction period, strict sprinkler and dust control system (timing, fixed-point, fixed-person) should be formulated, and special personnel should be equipped to clean the site and construction road.

(2) Dust-prone materials such as sand, cement and gravel should be covered with tarpaulins to control the speed of construction vehicles so as to prevent material from falling and generating dust.

(3) Cement and other flying fine granular bulk materials should be placed in temporary warehouses or covered tightly to prevent leakage and flying during transportation, and unloading should be carried out in warehouses as far as possible and sprinkled with water and wet. The sand and gravel materials on the construction site are stacked uniformly, and the cement is stored in a special warehouse to reduce the handling link.

(4) In the operation of fibre materials, anti-flying measures should be taken, and the residue and waste should be recovered in time.

(5) Effective dust-proof measures should be taken in the cutting of insulation materials, wall and floor tiles, and the site should be cleaned up in time.

(6) Spraying water on the working surface and soil pile during excavation to maintain a certain humidity so as to reduce the amount of dust raised. Excavated soil and construction waste should be transported in time to prevent surface drying and dusting or washed away by rainwater.

(7) A fence or partial fence shall be set up at the construction site to control the dust diffusion range.

(8) When the wind speed is too high, the construction work should be stopped. Covering measures are also taken for building materials such as sand and silt piled up.

(9) Hardening of roads.

Solid waste:

(1) Classified collection of solid waste, centralized storage of domestic waste and construction waste, and regular treatment;

(2) Domestic garbage should be disposed of in the office area, and the environmental sanitation department should be entrusted to clean it up regularly.

(3) Making material-saving measures to avoid waste of construction materials, using recyclable materials as far as possible and reducing construction waste.

3. Noise:

(1) Strictly abide by the relevant provisions of construction noise management, and prohibit high-noise construction work at night;

(2) Low noise construction tools and low noise construction methods are adopted.

(3) Setting up shelters around high noise equipment.

IV. Wastewater:

(1) Relying on the latrines already built in the factory area, the produced domestic sewage is sent to the domestic sewage treatment facilities for treatment;

(2) For construction wastewater, temporary sewage treatment facilities such as sedimentation tank and oil separation tank shall be constructed.


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